Transport of dangerous goods ADR / suction vehicles / high-pressure combination

The Rohrer Group has been working for decades with special vehicles for the suction and transport of hazardous substances and dangerous liquids.

With a comprehensive fleet of suction vehicles with ADR licence approval, all types of liquid or fluid and /or pasty residues from production are transported to disposal sites.

Crude oil transports from development areas to refinery plants have also been successfully performed for years under own disposition with very modern suction vehicles (online filling level control, GPS tracking, etc.).

The high-pressure combinations are an exception among the cleaning vehicles. With these vehicles it is possible to perform cleaning works with high-pressure water and to absorb the incurring cleaning residues with the integrated vacuum pump into the vessel of the vehicle and to take it away.

The high-pressure combinations which are used in the Rohrer Group are equipped with technical equipment and performance features on the highest industry level:

  • vessel constructions with ATEX and ADR licences
  • sliding partition in the vessel
  • 2 high-pressure pumps driven by the lorry
  • performance 2 x 82 L/min with 1,100 bar
  • vacuum systems with 3,100 m³/h
  • additional centrifugal pump 30 m³/h 6 bar


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