Chemical purification

During chemical purification, the required use of additives is determined by means of laboratory analyses and the optimal cleaning procedure is adapted to the plant parts to be cleaned and the kind of contamination. After execution of the purification, the residues are neutralised and properly disposed of.

Advantages of chemical purification:

  • time and cost saving compared to conventional cleaning procedures by means of minimising e.g. dismounting works and scaffoldings
  • achieving optimal cleaning results
  • minimising the loss of energy for cleaned plant parts
  • Reduction of the operating costs
  • Increased life cycle


Degassing / decontamination

The use of specially coordinated cleaning procedures minimises the pollution of the environment and goes easy on resources. With the use of proven and environmentally friendly additives, the innovative system scavenging of the Rohrer Group allows for the simple and efficient removal of deposits and residues outgassing hydrocarbons from devices and / or complete plant parts. Especially in the case of plant shutdowns, this method enables entering containers and devices at shorter notice and thus important time can be saved during the handling of the inspection works

Advantages of the system scavenging:

  • avoiding dangers due to pyrophoric product residues
  • reducing environmental pollution by means of flushing in the closed system
  • increasing efficiency of the production plants
  • reducing plant downtimes


Pickling / passivation

The pickling of carbon steel equipment is performed in a state-of-the-art manner for complete removal of installation-related residues and deposits at new plants.


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