Complete service – just one point of contact

As a multi-service provider, the Rohrer Group combines insulation and scaffolding work with contaminant restoration, allowing you to make ideal use of the synergy effects of this within your organisation.

Activities such as setting up the required façade scaffolding, removing the insulation, proper contaminant cleanup, proper disposal and reassembling the insulating material, are all carried out by the Rohrer Group. The timely coordination of all trades work is a crucial advantage for the customer.

The renovation of buildings and premises requires special responsibility on the part of the builder. Substances harmful to the environment and health such as asbestos crop up more often than you think during restoration work. This is why contaminant cleanup should be carried out by experienced companies who are aware of this responsibility. We carry out this work to industrial plants with the same care as we do our private contracts.

The Rohrer Group works closely together with specialist advisors and labs to gain a thorough analysis of the harmful building materials. These independent analyses serve as a basis for the comprehensive planning of the contaminant removal.


The Rohrer Group guarantee a safe execution of this, thanks to the following measures:

  • Separate renovation areas
  • Turnstiles
  • Material lock
  • Special protective clothing
  • High vacuum suction and negative pressure units
  • Permanent air treatment

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a building area or a large industrial facility – the Rohrer Group is the right partner for your plans. The most varied of tasks are completed and brought into line with one another safely, quickly and reliably. A flawless process is guaranteed:

  • 1 point of contact for all activities
  • Vast modular offer of services
  • Tailored service package
  • Sophisticated quality management
  • Modern machinery
  • Execution safety
  • Compliance with deadlines


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