As scaffolding material, we exclusively use the internationally recognised Layher system. We have about 15,000 tons or rather 1 million m³ of scaffolding material and of about 60 scaffolding vehicles at our disposal. Consequently, we are perfectly equipped in order to satisfy the most demanding needs of our clients.

The Layher scaffolding system complies with all established German, Austrian and EU standards and is certified by the Austrian Institute for Construction Engineering and the TÜV, the Austrian safety standards authority.

Qualified personnel

Our scaffolding team consists of 250 workers, ranging from helpers to foremen, and is constantly trained in in-house and external courses. They are regularly instructed as far as safety regulations and legal requirements are concerned.

One major advantage of a scaffolding system is its easy assembling and dismantling in comparison with pipe coupling scaffolds.

The Layher system’s component parts are internationally standardised. This scaffolding material guarantees highest pressure resistances and tensile strengths while keeping its fitting accuracy. Moreover, its component parts are comparatively light.